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Design Process – The commencing layout of a structure

Design Process

A perfect billboard has always emerged to be successful in attracting hundreds of glances. This is not possible if the design, objective and overall presentation are not appealing. It has become mandatory to plan any kind of designs well and execute precisely.

The entire design process is a projection of creativity and work of imagination. The commencing of the entire procedure can be from hand-drawn sketches; you will never know where from the inspiration can be taken. The main motives of a design are inspire, enlighten and attract potential customers and these needs to be met every single time without fail.

Given are some of the steps for creating an online platform which will provide an idea of how the entire methodology works perfectly every time.

Planning – The planning is crucial before commencing any project. Effective planning requires the presence of every element whose statements matters. The team heads and the clients gather and discuss the motives behind designs. Budget and deadline are also fixed in the planning stage. It is also in this phase where commendable ideas are generated.

Sketching – After the entire planning is done, it is time to get into the real business. Rough sketching is created and sketching commences. Some may be using the age-old form of hand-drawn pictures whereas others are more comfortable to draw on software. After a draft sketch is created, it is sent to the client for consideration and feedback. The font selection and entire arrangement of the website are finalised depending on the feedback and is sent for further consideration.

Wireframing– When the sketch is final, the wireframing is done. Through this, a basic structure is developed before the content is incorporated. In this procedure, all the required elements are incorporated on the key pages. This is an early depiction of the final outcome to give a clear idea to the client about the conclusive outcome. Wireframe structure is used commonly now as it is much easier to amend in this platform.

Development and delivery – After the wireframe is approved by the client, it is sent for development. The testers make sure that there are no glitches. Every essential point is cross-checked and when found accurate, the design is delivered to the client.

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