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How important social media hashtags are becoming in 2020-21?

Important of Social Media Hashtags

If you talk about the birth of hashtags, it was first introduced in the year 2007 and after which the social media saw a cascade of it. The present generation has adjusted itself to the trend as it makes their post a special one. The reach of the symbol ‘#’ is not limited to personal or group post but has also been associated with multiple political and societal moments. Some of the moments have even transformed the entire ideology of citizens – thanks to the hashtags. This has become an important element of social media and digital marketing as well.

What are hashtags?

The feel of the hashtag is this – #. But when you talk about it internally it is defined as a user-generated meta tag that is applied in different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The word right after the hashtag is associated with a theme. Right after posting, the hashtag turns blue and automatically introduces a redirected link to a specific theme. People clicking on the hashtag will be shown the list of result where the hashtag is used.

Social Media Hashtags

Why are they so important?

They gain popularity over time and now is used not just in simple texts but in photos and videos as well. The keyword categories the content that can be viewed in a cluster. Understand the complexity through an example: if you are looking for posts regarding digital marketing, all you have to do is search of it and every post published with #digitalmarketing will be displayed to you.

There is a whole lot of benefits of using hashtags as a digital marketing tool. Right when the hashtag is incorporated, it is linked to a specific group and enhance the viewing capacity of the post rather when published in simple words.

It is very easy to prepare a list of searchable and associated hashtags for a product or any post. You need to understand about what you are willing to write and find words that have some characteristics and prefix it with a hashtag. That it! You have done your job. In social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr each of the results is displayed even if the profile is not followed. Over time, hashtags have evolved to be one of the powerful tools to reach the mass in the quickest time possible.

Hashtag in marketing

If you have a business advertising is absolute. In the digital marketing sphere, social media profiles play an important role in reaching potential customers and selling products. In 2019, hashtags have gained immense popularity and people are well aware of its utility. The meta tags should be researched to extract the real utilitarian nature of the feature. Earlier it acted a mere promotional aspect but now it has a power of its own. It has been proved multiple times that with well-researched hashtags business growth is invincible. To grow your business or make everybody aware of your presence it is better to follow the hashtag trend purposely and be benefited.

Branding and Visibility of a business

Branding is very important when it is about enhancing the visibility of your business. It can be stated that branding and visibility go hand-in-hand. Hashtags have opened several opportunities for all kinds of businesses irrespective of the size. When you use hashtags while posting for your business, you are targeting a greater mass. When a customer searches for your business, he will be seeing the list of hashtags you are using. Apparently, when someone searches for a hashtag related to your business, he will see your business listed among all other. Hence, you can realise how important it is to put hashtags.

Promotion of business

Hashtags have been helping marketers to promote businesses effectively. Proper utilisation has helped marketers perform fruitful campaigns. So how this formula works? You use an appropriate hashtag while promoting your business; your followers follow your trend and share the post using the hashtag. Their followers follow the process and so on. This promotes your business without much of a fuss. When seen from a marketeer’s perspective, a clear image of the business is created along with reaching a bigger network. Through the hashtag, you can capture the attention of the targeted audience and connect with them on a personal level. This can also be clubbed with any contest that reaches thousands.

How to use Twitter hashtags?

The hashtag phenomenon was initiated by Twitter and persists in different social media platforms. It is used to index specific keywords or add value to a topic. When you use a hashtag symbol prefixing a word, you are categorising it. It confirms that your tweet comes up whenever the same topic or word is searched on Twitter. Clicking the word shows similar posts.

It is recommended to use two hashtags in a post to make it worthy. However, there is no limitation on the number of hashtags that can be used. One should not give space or punctuation in between the words.

How to use hashtags better on Instagram?

Hashtags were introduced in Instagram along after it saw the light in twitter. In Instagram, you can find similar posts to a hashtag by clicking on the hashtagged word. Otherwise, you can also search for a specific hashtag in the explore option that will give you a list of similar results. You will also get further highlights of the hashtag in your newsfeed.

How to use hashtags in Pinterest?

You can use hashtags on your Pinterest post to attract more viewers. In this platform, the hashtags are used to scoop out similar pins and topics. You can search for instance #hairstyles and a list of pins will be displayed bearing the same hashtag.

Why and How to use hashtags on Facebook?

Using hashtags in Facebook will enhance the visibility of your post. When you publish a post with a ‘#’ symbol before a word or a series of words it turns blue and is clickable. Through this, people can search for any topic that interests them. When you search for a specific hashtag you will also get to see some similar results as well.
While providing hashtag, you need to write without any spaces. You are allowed to use numbers but special characters will not be accepted as a proper submission. You can search for the results in the search bar.

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