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logo and Branding Design

Logo and branding design – similarities and differences

Logo and branding design

When it comes to logo and branding design, you might have the conception that both work similarly in nature. This is really not how the entire procedure work. While walking down any bustling street you will come across hoardings and retail outlets of several known and well-recognised companies. Recalling some of the companies is easy just through their logos. Do you think this detecting potentiality got embedded in the mind of the customers’ right from the start of the company? This is absolutely not. It takes years of recollection and good quality service from the company to attach to the customers.

What is a logo?

Before understanding the utilisation of a logo, let us recapitulate the meaning and make of a logo. A logo has different shapes and size and is known to be a visual representation of a company. It takes a considerable amount of concentration and planning to understand the features and objectives of an individual company and incorporate the same in the logo. A logo doesn’t come out all of a sudden as it is an integrated outcome of typographies, symbols and suitable colours. Hence, a logo is just not any random design but the identity of a company.

What is branding?

After a logo is created, it is time for branding. It is more of a feeling which the customers hold for your company rather than having any materialised objectives. Branding is the image and understanding created in the mind of customers in respect of service provided by the company. This can be perceived well if you take the example of certain well-known businesses like Monte Carlo, Adidas and Toyota. You are well-acquainted with the fact that they provide good service and their products are incorporated with unique and user-friendly features. You will recognise their logo at once because it is stored in your thoughts for long and you at once recollect anything related to it when you see the logo. The thought you might be related to the product you are using, the benefit and quality of the product and good or bad reviews from acquaintances.

The considerable difference between logo and branding explained

While logo design is self-explanatory, branding requires some more definitions. When it is about branding it is all about creating the business image. The image that people will remember whenever they come across a logo. Logo singlehandedly cannot create a recalling impression; it is the advertisements, banners, discussions with friends, packaging and the shop outlets that helps the customers to trigger the emotions attached to the company. Only after a considerable amount of memory triggering, does a customer ponders on purchasing items from that particular company.

The conclusion

The final words that can be drawn are that a logo is only then successful when people no longer need the name and description of the company but still can recognise it. Through this, the branding of a company is also established. Hence, it is recommended to create a logo which is suitable to the company objectives and can define it as well to undertake a quality branding.

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