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Mobile App Design

Mobile application design: Stepwise guidelines to follow

Mobile Application Design

The tremendous growth in the development of mobile applications has seen an increase in the last few decades. People are using mobile applications for almost every sector from fitness to learning, astrology, business, climate, cooking, and so on. In recent ages, mobile phones have become a colossal point of concentration and attention from business persons to individuals. This becomes so easy with the help of mobile applications.

Even a few years ago, people used computers for accessing the internet or checking emails. Our ancestors couldn’t even imagine that buying train tickets, shopping online or transferring money to someone will become so easy with mobile applications.

The presence of mobile applications on your phone is like decorating your room as they seek your attention and make your life an enjoyable one.

There are four high-priority areas of product management through which the mobile app design and discovery session work. These are product strategy, product definition, visualization and the last one is presentation. Here, in this blog, you will find a brief idea on these.

Guidelines for Mobile App Design Post

Product Strategy

It is the first phase of designing a mobile application that involves a clear understanding of expectations and requirements that define a product. Strategic analysis helps a product team to put forth their opinions and identify that every product has its own needs and assumptions. Choosing the end-user approach allows product teams to carry out customer needs more precisely. Let’s look at the steps that are involved in Product Strategy.

  • Main goal of the product in a mobile app
  • Business situations the product serves
  • Problems that can be solved by the products
  • Targeted people and their needs

It also requires some procedures to create product strategy and they are a project timeline, proper documents regarding the product, user personas, marketable features list, and a product-oriented statement.

How to create a product vision statement?

It involves the overarching long-term purpose of your product. This statement provides a warning to all the stakeholders who are already involved in building up the product. It also explains the solutions that the users are facing. As well as it describes the product and tells how it is different from the others that are available in the market.

Create user personas

A user persona is a semi-fictional character or tool that helps to convert data into realistic character using motivations, frustrations, requirements, and demand. It plays an important role in growing and improving your business. Apart from that, creating a user persona supports the designers to check an app’s end-user more than a stereotype. As a result, they can recognize the exact problem and correspond it with the user’s life.

Recognize the important features

First of all, you should recognize the features that will make the product useful and usable too. So, determining the most impressive features for a mobile application process explains the product vision, success criteria, and objectives regarding the product. The best features will become possible as the entire team arrange the business as well as product goals.

Product definition

Product definition is the primary phase of designing a mobile application and it can relate to the ideation stage that involves great thinking about the product. Once you get familiar with the most valued features and the main purpose of the product, designing a mobile app will become easier for you. But it’s a bit difficult task to implement the best features of the product for the first time. Eliminate the unnecessary features that are not existing in your item. There are a few steps that involve product definition such as asking correct questions, identifying feature solutions, combining several perspectives and strengths in a team setting and so on.

Prioritize mobile app features

Focus on the most necessary app features that explain your product details. It may include the most faced problem by your users and the solutions they should follow to get rid of such issues.

Build user journeys

A user journey is a set of actions that users should follow to achieve their goals using mobile applications. It provides the business value and guides the users to a coveted point.


Apart from the above two, visualization plays a major role in mobile app design. Two steps involve visualization those are a visual representation and captures user value for UX and UI design.

Significance of wireframes

Wireframe is a layout of an application without concern for visual design or branding. Wireframes turn the conceptual ideas into a tangible one without any distraction. It makes the application designing process interactive. Not only that, but it also saves you time and effort in many ways. It lessens misunderstanding and can ease communication. These are low-fidelity and can identify a few problems at the early stages and prepare a project to avoid such problems further.


Presentation is the final phase of creating a mobile application. In this stage, all the deliverables come together and form a clickable application prototype for the users. Prototyping gives sufficient time for making changes before the project reaches to development. At that time you can only make minor changes. Prototyping stages help users to learn how to interact with a rough draft and determine whether the project is successful or not.

Advantages of Design and Discovery

Developing a mobile application properly establishes business outcomes and productivity in return for investment. Apart from the above, design and discovery maximizes the return on investment and also recognize the priority product features. It helps to understand mobile-first best practices and achieve investors’ and stakeholders’ buy-in. It helps to validate the product ideas before investing money in mobile app development services.

Ending up:

For managing scope creep, Design and Discovery are remarkably important when your project grows wider than its previous condition. In case you have not explained the product in details scope creep will happen, sometimes from the original agreement of the product. When you build up a product explanation, the entire team will carefully make the changes. As a result, Design and Discovery sure that the project is successful and saves your money as well as time.

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