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Top 10 mobile app Plug-Ins for the year 2020-21

Top 10 mobile app Plug-Ins

Internet is brewing with various mobile apps plug-ins that guarantee explicit features and quality service. However, before selecting the best option, it is very important that the user is informed of the features and whether it is befitting the current requirements. It can get a bit messy if you are not aware of the app developmental processes and directly delve into the plug-ins.

So, what exactly is a mobile app plug-is?

Plug-ins help in enhancing the operation of an app. Incorporating a plug-in offers smooth developing of the required app. These guide in creating an app in the fastest way, avoiding building from ground zero. So, if you want your app to showcase advance features it is better to opt for plug-ins suiting your requirements. Given are some of the latest mobile plug-ins that will surely give your app the best design you can ever achieve.

Home Page Grid Layout

Homepage is something that you would never want to mess around as this will create the first impression of your app. Home Page Grid Layout is created to provide a clean and eloquent look and feel to your homepage. It is fully customizable and hence can layout according to your requirement. With this facility, you can create your homepage to be simplified or incorporate complexities in case you need it. Through this, you can rightfully navigate your viewers through the app.

Cascade Gallery

Looking for enhancing your images! There is no way you can pass by Cascade gallery. This plug-in allows five different kinds of images to be shown together. For instance, the primary image can be a company logo whereas the secondary ones to be shown in the gallery section can be the ambience. The images will be responsive and so you don’t have to worry about distorted pictures. The service is affordable and will not hamper your monthly budget.

Image Gallery and Info Slider

This is one of the top used mobile app tool of 2020. Through this app, you can display loads of images of your business where viewers can navigate as well. If you want to incorporate text as well, it can be done easily through Image Gallery and Info Slider. The text will be present by the side of the image concerning. The app has proved to be benefitting as explainer tool as any information can be passed on to another person effortlessly.


The text is as important as the stunning high definition images. Yet, the test has to be put in a meaningful way so that viewers learn about your company and the products or services the way you want them to know. Your app will be successful only when the text style and placement are suitable. Text WYSIWYG doesn’t use any codes and hence even non-coders can use it efficiently. Through this plug-in, an app can also be decked up with embedded images, videos and other forms as well.


WebView offers a unique feature that lets you have the experience of a combination of a mobile app and a website. Sounds intriguing right! Earlier you can embed a website link in an app and on clicking it, a redirection link would activate taking you out of the app and opening into a web browser. In 2020, this is going to be a trendsetter and one should keep this in mind while creating a mobile app. When you use Webview you will experience the app along with an externally linked online content directing to a website yet not leaving the app.

Webview Popup Service

This is an alternative to the earlier one. There are no significant changes between WebView and WebView Popup Service. Hence, you can opt for any one of the two. Like its peer, this is going to give access to external links with a popup service without leaving the present app. You will find some difference between the two when you access from backend, but all in all there is no significant variations. The service is reasonable as well and can be easily be purchased by even a start-up business.


Questionnaire mobile app plug-in has given way to enhanced interaction with the customers. With this, an app can be programmed to undertake polls and quizzes to educate and get feedback from the customers and users. This is by far the most interesting process for the users to deliver their satisfaction about any product purchase. Be it any app, Questionnaire will perform seamlessly avoiding any hiccups.

On The Go Push

Push notifications are an integral part of any app for proper representation. On The Go Push mobile app plug-in delivers the best push massaging service reminding users and customers about exciting offers along while creating a branding of your business. Through this, one can even design the way he wants the push message to be shown. You are free to schedule the delivery of by giving the time and date. This is surely going to increase customer engagement and revenue in return.

Action Items Folder

Customers should figure out how to navigate through a mobile app or else they are going to get lost. Action Items Folder helps in sorting out the navigation procedure making it smooth. Through this plug-in once can search for a particular product and get a hint about it while performing the searching. A customer will get a description on clicking the dropdown option.

Realtime Chat

Realtime Chat offers real-time solution through direct chat with the experts. A group chat can also be initiated, giving way to an extensive discussion on a topic and finding a solution. This gives in-app chatting feature that eliminates the usage of any other external chatting app. It means with Realtime Chat mobile app plug-in even the employees can chat with one another without taking help from any other platform.


These plug-ins will make sure you can build a business app your own way without requiring any hardcore programming in 2020. Apart from these, there are other plug-ins as well, bearing various other features. Ensure that you do the right selection for solving your needs.

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