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What are the essential features of an ecommerce website?

Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

Websites are dynamic and come in different variants. Each site is unique and serves the purpose and requirements efficiently. An ecommerce site uses similar features to stand out from the crowd. If you take a look at different platforms you will find them to provide unique product views, specific filtering and dynamic product searching option. Trends change regularly and keeping up with the same is of utmost importance for survival. Certain pre-defined features will maintain your stand in the market. The competition is tough and one has to present uniqueness in order to rank high in search results.

Given are some essential features that enhance the overall presentation of an ecommerce website. Remember, the list is not exhausted and new properties keep on adding frequently.

Essential Features of Ecommerce Website

This comes as a surprise that user-friendliness is still accounted for being the most important elements even in an ecommerce platform. If a platform has a user-friendly interface, people will be benefitted largely in searching and selecting the right item. A website has to be simple and easily understandable, yet, elegant enough to attract customers.

Over time, surveys have shown that people want something that has lucid content and easy to navigate. Consumers never appreciate anything confusing or difficult. A website should aim to attract more customers willing to spend some time on it and browse through the list of products available. It should be a smooth and least time-consuming process whose final step is purchasing. People visiting your site yet leaving will only count hits but not prove to be purposeful; only payment transaction will enhance your revenue.

The audience should find a site to be interesting within a few seconds. Next step includes compelling them to make a purchase.

Customer login

When users are visiting your site even if it is just to have a close look, you should know exactly who was there. Customer login feature will allow you to know the initials of various customers who are spending time on your site. Insert an option for customer login where viewers have to register or login if they already have an account. The top section of a website page is the best place to place a customer login feature. This will give way to easy noticing and access.

Language Options

Think big when you are hoping for a global presence. Starting initially via a multi-language website has always proved to be a better option for a worldwide presence. Through this feature, customers or viewers can translate the content of a page and read it easily.

People approach Ecommerce sites from all around the world, hence an understandable content is important. Through this option, the user can switch between different versions of a website depending on the region.

Search Bar

A full-fledged ecommerce site is a godown of different products and services. Users looking for their required item will find it harassing to scrutinize through the entire website for a single item. This is why the search bar is recommended in every ecommerce site. A search bar will optimise your website and even be an ultimate tool for conversion.

Risk Reducers

Users need to trust your ecommerce website before carrying forward any purchase. This is where the risk reducers come into play. Reliability is crucial as users are expected to purchase and so assurance is inevitable. Risk reducers include free shipping options, smooth return policies and quick refunds at all times. This shows that the company stands for its virtue and wishes to create a long term bonding with its customers.

High-Resolution Photos & Video

Posting a couple of pictures of a product with a price tag is no more in practice when it comes to ecommerce platforms. Customers are looking forward to more varieties in images that represent various features. Photos from different angles taken under different environments are trending a lot. People need to take a closer look and that requires high resolution photos and shows minute details. Zooming feature gives a discrete view of the product which is helpful.

Technicality is inevitable in ecommerce platforms and extends to images as well. Images that would not load or take a good amount of time until complete loading creates a bad impression of the platform. The same goes for videos as well, hence high resolution is preferred for better acceptability.

User-Generated Reviews

Reviews are powerful and create a product image instantly. User and customers always take a look at the ratings and reviews before making a purchase. Trust it; the percentage of people looking at both the positive and negative reviews is a lot higher.

You might think that negative reviews kill the sale, but this is just the opposite. Displaying only positive reviews give out a notion that it is expurgated and even the positives ones are turned down to be fake. Reviews also create user-generated content.

Special Offers

Users love bonuses and discounts and this is what brings us to special discounts. These can be in any form and notified via email, social media or direct text. Special offers are also seen on the home page of ecommerce sites. It acts as a perfect motivation to indulge shoppers in more shopping and spending more time on the website. organic search increases instantly.

Wish Lists

This might look redundant but surveys have proven that wish lists work as a remembrance. Through the wish list, customers can save their products and purchase them later on when the price is low or is back in stock. Customers actually bookmark their favorite item and when required would purchase it.


A lot of evolution took place in ecommerce store and the present situation states that it is not even necessary to own a brick and mortar store for effective business. However, certain products are better off bought after checking in person. Find in store allows the customers to gain information about a certain product and then visit the retail store for the final move. Through this feature radical information can be provided to the user.

Live Chat

This has been introduced in many ecommerce stores to interact with users and customers instantly and directly. Through this option, buyers can have a talk with the owner and clarify their doubts. This option requires careful planning and execution for the best results.

So, stop worrying and start shopping.

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