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Why is it important to have a mobile app for a thriving ecommerce site?

Modern Mobile App Technology

There has been an active surge in the ecommerce sphere that played as a key factor in business growth and revenue generation. Ecommerce or electronic commerce is a platform that is available online and the entire process of sales and purchase is present online over the internet. An ecommerce store can be accessed via the dedicated website or a mobile app.

Internet is accessible to the majority of citizen and this has helped the ecommerce strategy to prosper. With the boom in internet traffic, the ecommerce platforms have improved consistently which has also changed the way customers and business owners behave over the internet. The mode of business has changes making it easy for the customers to understand and in return, it has given the required thrust to even the small businesses to thrive and think out of the box.

If you seek for the history, the first online transaction dates back to the 60s. But it was not until the mid-nineties that the process started to gain popularity after the launch and inception of a secured payment environment. Presently, one or the other person is ordering online and getting the product delivered on time.

There was a requirement of something more that could fuel the industry. This was the mobile apps. After the evolution of smartphones and the wide availability of it, mobile apps became one of the most obvious ways to reach targeted customers and viewers. Intense mobile app development has drastically changed the look and feel of a business and the image of upon its customers. The mobile apps are user-friendly making it all the more attractive.

Importance of Mobile App

Importance of mobile app for ecommerce site

Analysis based on reports

Through a mobile app, the business owner or retailer can analyze the growth and revenue of the business. One will get an individual report from different sections of the apps and even give exposure to understand customers’ purchase behaviour. Based on these findings, marketing strategies and business tactics can be altered to suit customer requirements.

Multi-layer security

It is one of the utmost steps for each ecommerce site to secure user data that are saved in the app. Details like name, address, phone number and payment information need to be kept secured at all times. This is where the multi-layer security features of apps stand straight. Mobile app development includes several tests all of which should give out the correct result before it is launched in the app store to be downloaded. The apps need to be protected from all kinds of cyber-attacks and built a positive image of the brand among the customers.


The mobile apps are considered to present enhanced interactive features than any other platform. Say about the UI and UX, the app is known to present quite an impressive layout that is also easily understandable. Users are known to spend more time in an app rather than a website to shop.

Boost Customer Loyalty

It has been realized over the years that people tend to spend more time on a mobile app than on a website that needs to be visited through a browser. When a customer determines to download an app, he is looking forward to visiting it regularly and in due course invests in purchasing essential products. Customers visit websites to check product availability but when they are opening the app, they have a purchasing intention. When there is an icon on a customer’s mobile, there is a high chance of purchasing through your app rather than a website. An image helps in the positive recalling of a company. Customer loyalty can be enhanced through personalization, push message, unique content, round the clock customer support and reward system.

Reduce Response Time

Apps have significantly lowered the time taken to open up a product page. It is not just a statement stated by app developers but users have experienced it themselves. Apps store some user’s data temporarily and hence require less time to retrieve other information from the server. Whereas in websites, entire information has to be fetched from the server making it time-consuming. Additionally, users are allowed to customize the apps and view and receive a notification only of items they are interested in. This further enhances the experience and speeds up the app.

Increase Conversion Rates

Apps have high conversion rates due to good UX, easy to understand interface and smooth navigation. It is proved that people tend to use apps more than websites because of these benefits. Customers can even see an optimized version of items listed in the ecommerce store when viewed in an app rather than in a website or mobile browser. The purchase of items in an app is also more than that of a desktop site or mobile browser.

Fast and Simple Payment Methods

Customers can select any form of payment depending on their choice. Apps save customer’s favourite payment mode so that they don’t have to give additional information the second time while purchasing. This has made payment fast and simple. A customer can save multiple payment information and choose a new payment mode every time. For successful payment, the customer has to provide OTP and pin and give way to entering the name and card number. Customers can now make a payment on the go without reaching out for the credit card.

Push Notifications to Reach Out to Customers

Push notifications remind customers about the company that crops up on the notification bar. One can easily communicate with customers through exclusive push notification and remind them about special offers, sale and back-in-stock items. These can bear the name of the customers as well making it all the more personalized. A well-formed push message will compel a customer to visit the app making your business a good amount of visitors.

These were some of the reasons for incorporating a mobile app and gain more customers.

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