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When it comes to logo and branding design, you might have the conception that both work similarly in nature. This is really not how the entire procedure work. While walking down any bustling street you will come across hoardings and retail outlets of several known and well-recognised companies. Recalling some of the companies is easy just through their logos. Do you think this detecting potentiality got embedded in the mind of the customers’ right from the start of the company? This is absolutely not. It takes years of recollection and good quality service from the company to attach to the customers.

Before understanding the utilisation of a logo, let us recapitulate the meaning and make of a logo. A logo has different shapes and size and is known to be a visual representation of a company.

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Mobile App Design-3

April 17th, 2020

Mobile application design: Stepwise guidelines to follow

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April 06th, 2020

What are the different PPC trends of 2020-21?

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March 23rd, 2020

Coronavirus: A test of technology for life existence

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Website Design essential for New Business -1

March 20th, 2020

Professional Website Design essential for New Business

Presently, owning a professionally created website is very important for a new business house. Professional website design is not the end, as it has t
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