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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with customers from a wide range of backgrounds in business, and each has their own specific aims and objectives.

There are no specific steps to design a logo, however, we follow a planning from the start to the end for a productive output. The first is a briefing with the client to understand the nature of work. Next comes the research which is gathering of the information. The third is laying of the idea from the information, which is also called Brainstorming. Forth is creating a draft. After the draft is created it is sent to the client for feedback and the modifications are incorporated in the design. The last is the delivery of the project. Teqizer team makes sure that the logo is always up to the mark as required by the client.

The delivery time of a logo depends completely on the processing, the complications of the design and feedback from the client. Generally, a logo can be made within a minimum of two weeks and we aim to deliver accordingly. The timeline can change if there are multiple changes done in succeeding steps.

The team at Teqizer follows some steps for perfection. The first of course is understanding client’s requirements. A great deal of discussing and consultation is done for correctness. Depending on the information from the client, thorough research is done based on which sketching is readied. Then is wireframing where the blueprint of the website is built. After the wireframe gets approval the styling is done to make it appealing. The final prototype is sent for last approval and then the project is delivered after the given alterations.

The responsive design facilitates a website towards attaining the suitable size in respect to the device where the website is being accessed. The user can view the website without any twitch and experience the flexible layouts.

Web development is the complete procedure where a website is built and hosted on the internet or intranet. This includes website design and coding, incorporating content like images, text and videos, scripting and integrating online security.

The first step towards website development followed by Teqizer is building the plan as per the client’s need. The target audience plays a key role in web development. After consultation with the client, information is gathered and researched for further processing. The design is built and depending on it a wireframe is created which represents the sketching. After the website layout is finalised, the content is incorporated along with the text. Following which, the final coding is created for the website to work as required. The last step before delivery of the project is testing and review. The support team makes sure that the client is aware of the features and stays in touch with them for regular maintenance.

Web testing is required to check the proper functioning of a web platform. At our firm, we check the links and cookies for functionality at the initial stage. The usability test is done next to simulate the usage of a user and checked for any flaws. The responsiveness is examined next to clear out any adaptability issues. It is crucial that the web platform is compatible with various devices and automatically detects the specifications. At times the app or website might have to work under pressure and there are risks of it crashing which is a complete no. The last feature which is tested is the security level of the platform to restrict any malicious attacks.

App or Application is a software program meant for mobile phones. These are made for various mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad. The software developed for the mobile platform is similar to the websites but provides customizable and personalised features. The customer has to download an app on his phone and after registering can experience the feeling of the platform.

  • There are several features which makes the apps promising than the equivalent website.
  • The visitors don’t have to wait for the app to start which is the case with the website.
  • It will give constant notification making your business more visible to the customers.
  • Engage the customers more.
  • Reduces the cost when compared to direct marketing

Teqizer believes in advancing towards the future and hence work on new challenges every time. Some of the technologies we work on presently include:

  • UI and UX
  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile apps development for iOS and Android
  • Digital marketing
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